2020 Holidays


Mental Health Awareness Month is MAY

National Suicide Prevention Month is SEPTEMBER

Self Improvement Month is SEPTEMBER

Sexual Health Month is SEPTEMBER

National Depression Education and Awareness Month is OCTOBER

National Teen Self Esteem Month is MAY

National Stress Awareness Month is APRIL

National Sexual Assault Awareness Month is APRIL

Balance Awareness Week is September 1319

National Rehabilitation Awareness Week is September 1319

National Health Education Week is OCT 1923

National Sleep Awareness Week is March 815

National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week is March 30April 5

National Nurses Week is May 612

National Women’s Health Week is May 1016

National Men’s Health Week is June 1016

National Disability Day is DEC 3

International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women is NOV 25

International Survivors of Suicide Day is NOV 21

International Men’s Day is NOV 19

World Kindness Day is NOV 13

World Mentoring Day is OCT 27

World Mental Health Day is OCT 10

International Day of Violence is OCT 2

National Love People Day is SEPT 30

National Family Day is SEPT 26

National Read a Book day is SEPT 6

World Health Day is APR 7

International Yoga Day is Jun 21

International Day of Friendship is JUL 30

International Women’s Day is MAR 8

International Day of Happiness is MAR 20

National Hugging Day is JAN 21

National Holistic Pet Day is AUG 30

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