Warning Signs

A list of 10 common warning signs that can help you notice someone who is struggling mentally, or recognize that you may need help yourself:

1. Feeling very sad or withdrawn > 2 weeks

2. Trying to harm or end one’s life or making plans to do so

3. Severe, out of control, risk taking behavior/causing harm to oneself or others

4. Sudden overwhelming fear for no reason/sudden heart racing, physical discomfort or difficulty breathing

5. Significant weight loss or gain

6. Seeing, hearing, or believing things that aren’t real

7. Excessive use of alcohol or drugs

8. Drastic changes in behavior, mood, personality, sleeping, or eating habits

9. Extreme difficulty concentrating or staying still

10. Intense worries or fears that get in the way of daily activities

*all information taken from websites under resources tab

*how to help a friend guide can be found at nami.org